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Installing Apps not listed on Google Play

Due to licensing agreements between Google and content providers, not every App is available on the Google Play store.

We're able to work around this by using a platform called 'Aptoide'.

Go ahead and download Aptoide below, put the file on a USB stick and come back to read on.

  1. Use your remote to scroll down to the bottom row of your Android TV menu. Here you’ll see a cog icon; go ahead and select it. Next, scroll down and select “Security & Restrictions.” Finally, in the menu that appears, toggle “Unknown sources” to on.
  2. Plug your USB stick with Aptoid on into the projector.
  3. Open the 'Files' app on the projector, select Aptoid, and a menu will appear prompting you to install.
  4. Once installed, open Aptoid and find the App you'd like to install. Try and aim for the 'Android TV' version if given multiple choices.
  5. Once you've installed the App you'd like, then open it and enjoy!

Assembling the Screen

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