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Bristol Live
A Bristol woman has invented a 'suitcase cinema' which allows you to carry the big screen experience with you wherever you go. Clare Tinsley came up with the idea for a portable cinema when she was booking a camping trip with her family, and wanted to see if she could somehow set up a day at the pictures without leaving the campsite.

"It felt like a perfect idea for a bit of a wind down, without losing that shared experience to bring my family together," said Clare. "I could picture it. All of us snuggled in our sleeping bags, under the stars watching the latest movie."

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Camping For Women
What is there not to love about camping? The fresh whip of air that hits your face as you open your tent to a glorious new day. That panoramic view of natural beauty, with varying degrees of greenery and the newly formed dew gently cleansing away all of life’s stresses. You cannot beat the feeling of utter freedom from the huge expanse of space before you from being amongst nature. Pure bliss, enriching the soul. Well, that is until the kids wake up.
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