Host The Ultimate Home Movie Night

Host The Ultimate Home Movie Night

The nights are beginning to get darker as summer comes to an end, so why not make the most of the remaining warm evenings with a home movie night? It’s simple when you have your very own pop up cinema. Read on for our top tips on how to host the ultimate home movie night.

Keep It Cosy

There’s nothing quite like a bit of ambiance. Get those Christmas fairy lights out the loft and line the floor with pillows. It’s always a good idea to keep blankets to hand for when the temperature drops later in the evening.

Stock Up On Snacks

In the comfort of your own home, or back garden, you can chow down on pop corn as loudly as you want without annoying other cinema goers. Well, we can’t guarantee you won’t annoy your friends and family, but they’ll understand. When you’re not paying an arm and a leg for a bag of pop corn and pick a mix you can really go to town on the snacks.  

Bring Your Beverage Game

No matter the length of the film, what kind of a host would you be if you didn’t offer your gests a drink? We suggest you stock up on grab and go options, so you can quickly satisfy their need without missing any of the action.

Choose A Theme

If you’re serious about hosting a show stopping home movie night, why not pick a theme? You can have your guests dress up and bring some on-theme snacks. If you’re planning a movie marathon, be sure to preselect your films so they’re queued up and ready to go.

Have Your Equipment At The Ready

Now, the hard part. Logistics. Well, actually it’s pretty easy when you’ve got a Suitcase Cinema. It’s got everything you need for the pop up cinema experience in one portable kit. Screen? It’s in there. HD Projector? Of course. High quality Bluetooth speaker? We’ve got you covered. Long lasting power bank? Say no more.

Leave the technical stuff to us and focus on directing your own big screen experience.

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