Camping Vs Glamping – Which is for you?

Camping Vs Glamping – Which is for you?

To glamp or to camp? That is the question. Getting away for the weekend may be exactly what you need right now, but there are a few key differences which could help you decide on your site. Read on to find out if you’re a camper or a glamper. 

Cost is probably one of the biggest factors when choosing whether to glamp or camp. You can camp on any budget, so long as you have a tent and chosen camping location! Glamping tends to be more expensive as usually you’ll have access to bell tents, showers, and toilets. However, you can still experience some of the glamping perks without having to shell out on a glamping site, check out our blog on how to level up your camping experience.

You’ll also experience a difference in comfort, traditionally camping in a tent involves hunkering down for some shut eye in a sleeping bag on the ground, whereas glamping can involve anything from a pop up bed to a king size complete with throw pillows.

Access to technology is another differentiator. Most campsites don’t have wi-fi and some won’t even have reception. Depending on where you camp you may be without electricity, meaning you’ll have to disconnect from the outside world, which may be exactly what you want for the weekend! In contrast, most glamping sites have electricity, internet access and lighting.

You’ll want to think about your meal plan when deciding whether to glamp or camp. Meals when camping with the family can be a unique experience; burgers, hot chocolate and toasting smores on the fire. When glamping, cooking can be a lot easier, as most cabins have a grill or oven to use along with a refrigerator.

If you’re a newbie and low on equipment, glamping may be for you. Glamping sites offer a range of accommodation, from bell tents to cabins, whereas camping usually involves erecting your own tent or pulling up in a motor home. When camping you’ll need to factor in time to set up your site, so if you’re limited to a day or two, you may want to consider glamping to maximise exploration time. However, you are restricted to the glamping site, whereas when camping you can pitch up wherever you fancy (within reason!)

It all comes down to personal preference. No matter the site, if you can get away for the weekend, spend some time in nature, surrounded by loved ones, you’re sure to have a wonderful experience.

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